Do You Need Any Bologna Today? | Attraction Marketing

Do You Need Any Bologna Today? | Attraction Marketing

What the heck does bologna have to do with Attraction Marketing?


Main st


Allow me to explain. We live in a “little burgh” of about 2000 people. Main Street is just that – one main street with several businesses on it: hardware, hair salon, pet store, couple of restaurants, etc. And then a sort of deli/grocery store moved in where a real estate office used to be housed.

Let me back up.

A couple years ago, the rains from a hurricane devastated our county in upstate New York. Most of the stores in our town were out of business for quite a while. People lost their homes.

We had a small grocery store – not the big box-type store – where you could pick up a lot of things between your big shopping. Well, the flood took that store out. For months, possible a year or more (I don’t recall the exact chronology), we had to drive 40 miles round trip to the nearest grocery store – Walmart.


the-olde-corner-storeThen, we didn’t even know what it was at first, a new little business came into town called “The Corner Store.” I thought it was a gift shop. One of the other business owners told us she had a few groceries in her corner store.

Well – without further ado – we walked right over there and found out that it is a delightful deli with none other than Boar’s Head cold cuts – Ellie’s favorite!

The owner, Joy, is very friendly, and as we came to realize, is very knowledgeable about what’s going on in town. Talking to Joy is sort of like going to the old Post Office where you could get all the local news by word of mouth.

Why am I giving you a recent history of our town and The Corner Store? Well, I have learned a lot about attraction marketing from Joy, just by my customer experience in her store.

As I said, she created a friendly atmosphere there – almost feels like stopping by to see cousin Helen when you go into Joy’s store.

And then there’s her sales technique – which you don’t even realize is selling because it is very helpful to me as a customer. Here’s how it goes…..

I’ll go to the deli counter to get some turkey or a Reuben sandwich. I may inquire about something behind the glass in the refrigerator that I don’t recognize. Joy explains that it’s lemon pudding she just made, and before I take another breath, she’s handing me a little spoon of it for a taste. Yummy! I want some.

Next time, I go in and purchase some potato salad and salami. In conversation, Joy mentions that she just made some bread in case I need any. I mosey over to the bread shelf, and of course it’s fresh and home-made, so I have to try it.

A couple days later, Ellie goes in to pick up some ham. The young man there, who also knows us by now, asks if she needs bologna too. (We often get bologna). Bingo!  ½ pound of bologna is added.

So what’s the point?

I see how easily Joy and her employee “upsell” just by knowing their customer and mentioning in conversation what we might like.

There is never a feeling of being pressured – no neon signs – no sales announcements over a loud speaker. Just a matter of her being aware of our buying habits and what we might want or need. And … it saves us another trip to town.

Does she run down a list of things we might need? Of course not – she just slips it into the conversation such as talking about a home remedy she is using to treat her cold. Or responding to my query about something in the refrigerator case.

Joy is the Maven of Attraction Marketing in a brick and mortar setting. And I’m actually picking up a tip or two just by observing her.

I’m an online affiliate marketer and have access to a host of tools and tips about various aspects of online marketing that can assist others with their businesses.

I just want to let people know, in conversation, that this information is available, and I’d be happy to get this information to them. Much of it is free! And it’s very high quality information.

So as an attraction marketer with affiliate products, my job is to attract people to the content I put out on the internet.


Do You Need Any Bologna Today? | Attraction Marketing

If my audience inquires about a product or mentions something they need, I point them – my customers – to the product in question or let them know what I have that would answer their need.


I have to laugh because my mentor is the Queen of Attraction Marketing – and she bases her business on the concept of the “corner store” experience she grew up with as a kid. And here I have a corner store – with that very name – in my town.

Carol Makowski


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    • Thanks Adewale. Actually, attraction marketing is just common sense — relating to people naturally without hype or need to convince. So simple, that I find myself trying to complicate it at times.

  1. Love going into a place where they are sincerely happy to see you, unlike most businesses that are out there. We too are trying to create that kind of atmosphere in our business and I know that lessons can be learned in a lot of places, as long as I am looking for the positives and the similarities in things. Thanks for the bologna!!

    • Thanks Mark. I finally found an avenue of conducting business that resonates with me. And sometimes there’s a bit of a challenge to unprogram the old stuff. this just makes so much sense — natural and helpful.

  2. Great post Carol. Most people leave a lot of money on the table with their customers because they don’t do any upsells. If you do the relationship building process right your customers will trust your recommendations but only if you provide lots of value.

    • You leave me little to say David because you hit it on the head with your comment. It’s all about value, relationships and offering other products if we’re looking to maintain the greatest customer satisfaction and highest earnings.

  3. great post Carol I miss the neighborhood deli… I grew up in NYC where we had quite a few deli’s and we as a family always went to the same one who like Joy knew us and always reminded us of something else to pick up for the day… that is a great way of up selling and making people feel warm and fuzzy about it. thanks for sharing awesome Carol and Ellie 🙂

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