How to find your passion

How to Find Your Passion – Step by Step Process

I Would Live My Passion If I Knew What It Was!

Today you hear more and more people say “you should live your passion” … and many people are silently thinking … “Yeah I would do that … if I knew what it was!”

Is it possible that we really don’t know our passions? Or maybe we don’t really have a passion … Is that possible?

I think the word passion throws us off… We believe we have to think, eat, sleep and dream about this one thing or this one subject in order for it to be a passion.

Others see it as an absolute decision … once I state this passion – I won’t be able to turn back from it.

So maybe the word passion actually inhibits us – we don’t step into it because it feels confining.

From my own personal experience and working with many people – I have to say everyone does indeed have things in their life that they are passionate about. And that thing does not have to be a subject …

I believe everyone’s passion, their core passion, is simple and truly the same … because it is freedom. Click To Tweet

Isn’t that what we all want? We want to feel free …

If I am going to spend time doing something … I want to feel freedom. If I am engaged in what I am doing … if I like what I am doing … isn’t that freedom?

I’ve read many books and articles that tell you go back to when you were young and you will find your passion. They would say – what did you like to do when you were 10-12 years old?

Hmmm – I liked to be out with my friends, I liked to roller skate, I liked to ride my bike, I liked to play hide and seek… What the heck does that tell me about my passion?

I think it says Freedom. Being outside … playing with friends was freedom for me.

But that certainly isn’t going to help me figure out what I want to do as an adult. I have no desire to be a professional roller skater. And I have never heard of anyone playing hide and seek professionally!   😉

For me … these books and articles about finding my passion were not helpful.

I did not get clarity on my passion until I redefined it … until I realized passion is a feeling – not a destination … and we can step into that feeling while doing many different things.

And then it hit me … passion was about getting to know me better. Click To Tweet

I don’t know about you … but I was never really taught to get to know me.

Instead I was taught to get educated and get a job in something that was going to make me money and no one included this extra, and extremely important step … which is … and make sure you enjoy doing it!


Some people get out of school … step into a career … and it works for them. Truth is – that is not the majority of people …

Most people stay in a career not because it feels free … but because leaving that job is scary!

I have never stayed in a career …. I had lots of jobs … and each one was a bit different than before. I had been told “jack of all trades – master of none” …. And today I can tell you that was not the truth … The truth is I was indeed a Master …. I was a master at moving towards that freedom. When a job was not fun anymore – I was gone.

I was conflicted about this for years … I was taught to get a career … that was not the path I followed. And while I did indeed have a good time at most of the jobs I had … I had that nagging belief in the back of my head that told me I wasn’t doing it right!

Crazy isn’t it? We can be having a good time … gathering all these life experiences that we enjoy and still feel like we are doing something wrong because of other people’s opinions!

Because of those personal conflicts I went out of my way to learn about personal development, law of attraction. I studied mindset … how our brains work… The more I learned the more I was able to meet me and align myself with feeling good … not with what other people said I should or shouldn’t do.

That is when I realized this idea of passion or what some would also call purpose is not about one subject, not about one thing you should or shouldn’t do – it is about how you feel.

You don’t find a passion or a purpose until you have self-awareness. Click To Tweet

It is not so much about what you are doing on the outside … it is about what is going on within your insides. It is all about living life from the inside out – when you have that awareness … living your passion is not difficult.

My experience led me to working with others to help them do the same. And each time I would hear people’s frustration of knowing there was more they wanted to do … but not knowing what it is. They all wanted an easy process of finding their passion …

Now the easy answer to that is – Find what makes you smile, what makes you feel good and follow that feeling. Truth is … most of us don’t know how to do that … as we have been trained in the complete opposite way…

My friend Michael Losier came up with a process called Fulfillment Needs. This process will open up your self-awareness and open the doorway to your passions. I did a series of videos of this process … I know if you follow along you absolutely will begin to step into your passion!

Watch those videos – do each step … then leave me your comments and questions. You can also connect with me at facebook


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  1. Well first off Carol & Ellie I absolutely love love your new blog beautiful and very easy to read and follow…awesome job ladies.
    Absolutely agree it is what’s inside of us and not outside that we live from… living from the inside out love it thanks ladies great post and value provided and thanks for sharing..

    • Hi Cathy … I know .. this passion thing can boggle our minds. But truth is I do believe we all want to be free and enjoy our lives. We need to take the time to find what gives us that joy. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Wow Ellie…I so enjoyed this blog and I watched all the videos. Great exercise. Tony Robbins also talks about the 6 human needs being 1. Certainty (the need for security), 2. Uncertainty (the need for variety), 3. Significance (to know that we matter) 4. Love/Connection 5. Growth and 6. Contribution
    I liked how you did this exercise to show us what are the needs that are most important to us in life. Thank you so much for doing this! It was fun!

    • Hi Denise … Great to see you here.

      Yes I do believe you will find those areas that Tony Robbins talks about with your own personal fulfillment needs. Glad to hear you went through the process and liked it. 🙂

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