We Came Home

We Came Home


No, we weren’t away from home. Though it felt that way.

We were living in a small city and wanted to get back to the country.


While attending a BBQ at our good friend’s house, the hostess walked us up the lane a bit and showed us a house for sale across from her.

We looked from the bottom of the driveway and weren’t interested. And that was that.

Thanks, but no thanks.

At the time, I was involved in rehabbing houses and frequently went out to look at distressed houses.

One such day – my spouse, Ellie, was with me – and out of the blue she says, “Did you make an appointment to see that house Marria pointed out to us.”

I quickly responded in the negative because we weren’t interested.

Ellie says, “Why don’t you make an appointment since we’re gonna be in that area anyway?” So I did.

Well, why not?

(I love to look at houses, especially when they’re vacant, so I can use my imagination and am not distracted with chit chat).

After going through a couple foreclosed houses, we headed to the one up the lane and across from Marria.

We drove up the driveway – and I mean UP!

We Came Home

You have to understand that it’s all uphill coming out of the little town, then steeper uphill on the lane – and even steeper yet up the driveway. The house sits on a couple acres.

The owners had moved a few months earlier – the house was empty and uncared for.

We got out of the car and entered through the carport into the kitchen. I noticed Ellie was quiet – unusual for her.

After walking through the house, we went outside and walked around to the front porch through grass not quite as high as an elephant’s eye, by high enough to reach an anatomical point that rhymes with grass.

A few steps up to the front porch, and I turned around to look out…..

The view dang near took my breath away!

That was it – that was all I needed…..

I wanted to live there and drink Corona on the porch while soaking in the sunsets.


Ellie then revealed that she was so quiet because once she stepped into the house, the vibration called her.

We were both sold!

And we’ve been here ever since.

Ah…..the joy of synchronicity.

Home Sweet Home

And you know what? That same feeling came over both of us since we’ve been working together from home.

After retiring from a long-time career, I joined Ellie in her online work. She had been in various online endeavors for years, and ended up marketing online.

We were in a company with a great community and loved it. Then last year, they made some changes which did not benefit us financially, so we moved to a different company.

At first a little doubtful and reticent, we quickly turned those feelings around after connecting with great people, learning new skills and creating results.  We have a “knowing” that we are home yet again!


Carol Makowski


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