Best Online Business

What is the Best Online Business for Me ?

Is there such thing as a Best Online Business?

… And can that question truly be answered?

This is a question I have people ask me … and truth is it was my question years ago when I got online.

At first I jumped into creating websites … But then I saw,  what we call today, Ecommerce — people making money on the internet selling … I was interested.  😉

I jumped onto eBay … and yes I made money! At that time (1996) eBay was a baby … It was not so sophisticated and making money wasn’t that difficult. You can still make money on eBay – you just need to learn more than I did then.

Then I learned about being an affiliate … Amazon – Clickbank

I did make money … but as the internet changed the opportunities also changed. You needed to get a little more techie … OK I could do that — and I probably could have built some dog websites and sold affiliate products …

OK – I actually did do that – BUT – I was not willing to jump all in and immerse myself into dog products. Hey I love dogs always had them … but that wasn’t for me … And it was for some other folks.

So when you hear people say “do what you like to do” ... that is really true.

For me – dog websites weren’t a passion – I moved on to other things …

My point is simple – When you ask the question “What is the best online business for me?” … I’m going to ask you several questions before we could ever arrive at your answer.

See I love to hear that question. Because it means that person is doing some research – they realize they need to not jump into a business without first doing their homework.

So many variables to look at: affiliate marketing / mlm / network marketing / products / compensation plan / training / team / etc…

I don’t have your answer … but when folks ask me – I will take the time to go over what it is they are looking for – so they can gather that information and make an informed decision ….

If you have this question – connect with me and I will help you .. discover what the best online business is for You. Best place to connect with me is on facebook


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    • Hi Irene … Great to see you here.

      Finding the right business for each person is different. What’s right for one isn’t for the other.

      It’s always an adventure. 🙂

    • Ahhhh – Yes – Great advice Chris. Too many people hop right in …
      Get some info first. And you give the 3 biggest things to look for.

      Thanks for sharing … 😉

  1. Ellie liked your video and loved that sound track. Asking the right questions is the best way to see if the other person is a good fit. Yes, we want a commission but we need to build long term relationships.
    Agree that a business that trains your new people beats you being responsible for all the training. The key to to know your products so you know where to refer the new people to.

  2. This is a great post Ellie (and video).

    That is probably why there are so many opportunities out there, what’s good for one may not be good for the next.

    To be able to sustain it for any amount of time, it is critical the business and new person are a good fit.

    Great advice here, thanks for sharing!


  3. Couldn’t agree more Ellie. Jumping into the first thing you see without looking into it is a bad idea. So many bad ideas out there!! And some GOOD ones too

    • That is the truth Mark … there is so many so-called opportunities out there … many of them are junk … BUT – there are truly GOOD opportunities – People need to do their homework … ask some questions.

      Thanks for sharing … 🙂

  4. This is such a hard one, however I think one of the Best things to do is to connect with someone you know like and trust FIRST 🙂 and also find something that includes your passion, thanks Ellie

    • I agree 100% Helen! …. And to find who you know, like and TRUST … you need to do some homework (research) … and take the time to ask some questions. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing Helen …

  5. awesome post Ellie great video also and super awesome info… even if we know, like and trust the person does not always mean the business is something we will like…done this a few times because of friends who I know, liked and trusted but not my passion…. thanks for the share Ellie loved it…

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