Have You Ever Been Stalked By A Sparrow?

Have You Ever Been Stalked By A Sparrow? | Ray Higdon

Let me show you how being stalked by a sparrow relates to Ray Higdon.

About a week and a half ago when I woke up and was preparing my morning tea, Ellie told me there was a bird that had been banging into the living room window earlier. 

I stepped out onto the porch for a look-see. Nope … no injured birds lying on the floor. WHEW!

In the past … birds have nearly knocked themselves out by doing that, but then got up and flew away after some cuddling and coddling.

Not the case this time.

A little later, sure enough, I heard to “bonk” noise at the front window and stepped away from my desk to see the bird … a sparrow … flying into the window.

And that went on for much of the rest of the day.

sparrowThe next day, Ellie pushed the chairs closer to the window so the bird could stand on the chairs and knock on the window without hitting it so forcefully. She didn’t want him to get hurt.

Some people mentioned putting newspapers in the window as a deterrent. But there is such a great view out the window … the newspapers would block the view.

It was still cool outside, so Ellie and I haven’t been sitting outside much … Good thing because needless to say, the chairs had bird poop on them.

A day or two went by, and the bird was there each of the days … knocking and pooping.

The next few days were warmer. So out came the bucket of water and a scrub brush to clean the chairs … not once, but each day.

So Ellie came up with an idea. “Let’s hang ribbons from the windows on the outside … for a scarecrow effect!”

I dug out some Christmas ribbons and Ellie put them up. We were sitting outside (after scrubbing the chairs AND the floor) and laughing like a couple of nuts at the ribbons flying in the breeze. Did that help?

Nope! More knocking and pooping. So Ellie decided we didn’t have enough ribbons. She went out and bought some crepe paper ribbons and stuck them up.

By this time, our house looked like an Easter present with yellow, green and lavender crepe paper flying in the breezes. We were laughing even more at this point.


Good thing there are no neighbors right close by – if there were, they might send the men in white jackets after us.

Oh … Did the ribbons help?

Definitely … they helped send the bird around to the back of the house where he now bonks on the sliders in my office. And when the breezes calm down, he goes right back to the front windows.
What next?

Who knows … he’s constantly around every day, back and forth between the front and the back.
Our dear friend suggested that our house must look like a piñata!

(As a matter of fact, the sparrow was wearing a little sombrero today)!

I have to admit, he does have the prettiest song that he sings.

As I use the word stalk, it brings to mind that there are certain leaders in the industry whom I “stalk” … every time I see that they are putting on a webinar, I jump on if I’m available.


And this Wednesday Ray Higdon is putting on a Free Webinar.

He’ll be talking about his Proven 1-2 Punch to Make Money on 93% of the conversations with your prospects.

You probably know Ray, but in case you don’t, he’s the man whose real estate investments were in foreclosure a few short years ago. His then girlfriend … now wife … paid his electric bill because he didn’t have the money.

Today? Ray is a multi 7-figure earner who has built an extremely successful business in network marketing within these last few years.

When is the webinar? This Wednesday, 4/20/16, at 9pm ET.

I’m gonna be there.

Wanna come?

CLICK HERE to register. (Send me a private message on FB Wednesday when you’re on, and we can say hello).

PS. Any suggestions about the sparrow? PLEASE put them in the comments.

PPS. I hear the bird at the front window as I am writing this post!

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  1. I Cant even Tell you How Much I Enjoyed this story! I even looked up The Sparrow totem the other day when you mentioned it on Facebook. Its PERSISTENCE You Got this and I cant wait to see you ladies at the webinar Wednesday!

  2. Woot, So hilarious honestly I cant begn to imagine how much fun yiu are getting. Question is wont the glass fructure with time? or is the sparrow too il to cause uch damage. How about he scratches? what does Uncle google say? Anyhoo,

    Ray Higdon..I think he is being staled in a very good way…in ever blog post I have read so far today lolol…So Yup its gonna be a packed webinar 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve seen Ray all over people’s blogs today. For sure Wednesday will be popping, Julie.

      No chance of breaking the window — the sparrow is too little. We were just concerned about him hurting himself, but I guess that isn’t going to happen. (We also have a robin doing his “thing” all over our cars in the car port). Very interesting about birds this Spring!

  3. Love this. It’s so crazy. Those birds drive me insane. We had a woodpecker do the same thing, not too long ago.
    And the Ray Higdon webinar is going to be awesome!

    • Is that so Steve? Did he just go away over time, or were you able to find a solution?
      This webinar with Ray is going to be packed. Everybody and his uncle is talking about it,

    • A couple years ago, an American Red Wing was doing something similar and stayed around all season. This is reminiscent of that experience.
      I’m very eager to hear what Ray has to say. I’m sure there will be loads of people on the webinar. Thanks for coming by Andy.

  4. This post made me smile..

    I can see Ellie putting up those strips of paper…

    And it even made me chuckle out loud!

    I think you two need to do a video show 🙂

    Dr. Lisa

    P.S. Your Blog Looks GREAT!

    • Thank you Gloria — it’s all truth. We live in the boonies and have had some very interesting stories regarding wild life. And yes, I find that they all relate to life in general in one way or the other.

    • I love the names of beings that you folks in OZ have. Never heard of a willy wagtail. Would love to hear that story. And what’s the name of the laughing bird? At any rate, this little guy just doesn’t give up.

  5. OMG, Carol & Ellie I loved the story… so funny I’ve been watching you guys on Facebook over the weekend hanging all your distractions for the Sparrow and even the fact that he’s pooping not only on the front porch chairs and floor but Ellie’s car… good thing he ain’t pooping on the Green Hornet lol
    You know ladies I’m a girl from NYC and in the City we would say kill the damn bird lol… I’ve been pooped on many times in NYC but by pigeons not a cute little sparrow… have fun with your new found friend. hope he soon finds a new home… great post thanks for sharing

    • Enjoyed your input LuAnn — but not the killing part. Actually the one in the garage is a different bird, a robin. We have now added helium balloons to the mix. I think that is working. (And the robin did target the Green Hornet. I had to throw a tarp over the convertible top so it doesn’t get stained).

  6. In the bungalow that I grew up in we had a conservatory with a a big glass door and so many birds would fly into it and end up stunned and sadly dying. We ended up putting a blind on it

  7. Poor birdy!
    Ofcourse it is funny to read, but maybe the sparrow wants to get inside for a warm? Maybe you should make him a nest or place where hes warm.

  8. No worries Katarina. He has his own nest. We fed the sparrows all winter, and all his cousins are out and about in this weather and doing well. I believe this is a territorial thing with him.

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