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How can you engage your audience using video?

If you are standing before them … you can get them to raise their hand, nod their head, answer yes or no. You can have a conversation with them – if you are right there with them ….

BUT … Can you do that with video?

The answer is YES … and that is today’s Video Marketing Tip

The Number 1 Video Marketing Tip for Engaging is Eye Contact

I know … that sounds so simple — but watch those videos out there – so many people are looking away from the camera lens … and you don’t have their full eye contact.

… And subsequently – that engagement is broken.

Also – I believe sunglasses are a Big No-No … You are not seeing the person’s eyes.

That saying “the eyes are the window to the soul” is very true.

When I get to look into your eyes ... I can make a connection with you. Click To Tweet

People want to feel like you are talking directly to them…

When you look at them, make that eye contact – they will connect to you … feel like they know you.

When you have the connection … you now have their attention.

Watch my video – I explain a little further and give some great tips on how to do this. And also tips on the angles to hold your phone when use that for your videos.

Yes … it is a 10 minute video … Go get a cup a coffee and watch – I promise I will engage you.  😉

Please leave your comments and questions … I truly appreciate your feedback.

And …. stay tuned – I’ve got lots more video marketing tips coming for you.

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