Making A Video For Your Online Business

Making A Video For Your Online Business

Are you one of those folks who can chase tornadoes, run a marathon or wage war with a flat tire in a driving snow storm – But don’t ask you to be making a video for your online business?

Making A Video For Your Online Business

Lordy – there are so many reasons that prevent us from making a video for our online business:

* My teeth aren’t straight.
* I’m balding.
* I freeze in front of the camera.
* What will my friends and colleagues think?
* I don’t know what to talk about.

…..Just to name a few!


How about if you were in a “safe” environment where you begin to deal with whatever concerns you have about making a video for your online business?

<  A place where you can dare to put up a video and allow some constructive feedback from someone who is praised for her video work?

<  A place where you learn to put the video up if you don’t know how?

<  A place where only those who have your same concerns are allowed into the group?


guard dog


Ellie Walsh, my business partner, and I are starting such a group. A list of those who will be joining is forming.

Put your wallets and credit cards away. There is no charge for this group.


Wanna be part of this? Are you ready for your breakthrough?

There are 2 ways to get in.

Friend me on facebook at and send me a private message,


Friend Ellie at and send her a private message that you want to join.


I’m excited and look forward to seeing you there — where you can become confident in utilizing this very important business building tool.


See ya soon,


PS. When will this group for making a video for your online business be starting?

No date yet – very soon.







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    • We’re very excited about it. I think it will be fun, and I think a lot of people will start doing videos from being in the group. Thanks Steve.

    • Thanks Yemisi. There seems to be a need in this area, and I believe a lot of people will have breakthroughs.

  1. awesome post Ladies… loved it it took me forever to do videos and then I was on a role and I have not done one in some time now, so I guess I should get back to it again,,, thanks for the awesome info

    • Aren’t habits interesting? First we fall into a habit — then we fall out of it. So many things to be mindful of. And sometimes I guess we’re just not aligned with certain things. Thanks for your comment LuAnn.

  2. [ Smiles ] Actually, I am not into making video; but if I were to go into that direction, I would certainly take your advice.

    Thank you for posting an informative article!

    • Not everybody uses video. Yet it is very popular right now and helps boost our efforts in many instances. Appreciate your input, Renard.

  3. Awesome idea and Yes Yo will get more people coming out of their shells and doing more videos.Totally essential for today’s online biz 🙂

    Let me know if you need any help 🙂

    • Since none or little of our work is done face-to-face, video cuts through that distance and anonymity. I believe people are going to benefit from this experience. Thanks for your offer — appreciate you, Julie.

    • That’s what we’re planning on, Tara. I sure expect that a lot of people will make breakthroughs and get on with making their videos. And have fun in the process.

    • You’re absolutely right on GiGi. You are certainly not bashful on camera. And you’re right — it allows the process of people to get to know us — faster! Thanks for your input.

    • HA! Proof in the pudding. Love this input, Claudette. Thanks for jumping in with your situation.

  4. Hi Ladies,

    Video marketing has been a major hang up for me. I think this group is going to be awesome and help a lot of people face their fears (and insecurities).


    • I believe it will have a positive outcome, Juanita. There are certainly mindset issues that nee to be looked at, and then the mechanics of it. I’m looking forward to it — it should be fun.

  5. That image reminds me when I had a video mentor coach and he told me I had to make 3 videos in 3 days. My first video took over 15 hours to create and it was only a 1 minute video, lol! I was putting sticky notes on my computer so I was reading exactly what I wanted to say. Thank god he was a good coach and he got me out of that ‘fear’ zone and into just being me. Thanks for sharing this Carol, it will certainly help a lot of people!

    • You have me cracking up, Lynn. I can sooo identify with what you are saying. I believe this is going to get some people to break through their resistances. (What would we do without sticky notes — eh?)

    • I believe so Andy. I’m looking forward to it — it’s going to be fun. Eager to get started.

  6. Awesome idea Carol.. people worry themselves sick over doing a video yet often appear on camera or a video on vacation, good luck to your group, I’m sure it will be a winner..

    • Thanks Keith. That IS funny, isn’t it. How we can get on camera for other reasons, but not for our business. Lots of mindset issues can come into play here. I believe we can get folks started on making videos. Brian Couch gave me a challenge for 30 videos in a week or something like that. It helped break through the initial resistance. You are a natural on video, Keith.

    • I believe so too Vitaliy. It helps us get out there and get known. And allows people to get to get to know us and decide if they like and trust us.

  7. So good !!~ I am going to have to start making videos !!~ but I don’t want too !!~haha !!~ thank you for sharing this and I will bookmark and read again Really Appreciate !!~

    • You sure don’t HAVE TO, Sandra. However, videos do increase our visibility and hasten the process for our audience to get to know us. From those points of view, videos are advantageous. Appreciate your input.

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