7 Strategies To Implement Attraction Marketing

7 Strategies To Implement Attraction Marketing

The following are 7 strategies to implement attraction marketing.

We know that attraction marketing places us in the position of being “the hunted” rather than “the hunter.” But how do we orchestrate that positioning? By following the guidelines outlined below, we are likely to attract people to ourselves and therefore to our business.


1. Positive language is a huge factor in Attraction Marketing.

  • Use positivity in our communication.
  • We need to position ourselves as leaders.
  • Put our best foot forward.
  • No complaining – criticizing – that stuff is for home if we have a need to “dump” it.
  • Above all else – NO DRAMA. Stay out of victimhood.
  • Physics shows that positive energy is attractive – negative energy is slow, heavy and drags.
  • Monitor our words – be aware of what we say and what we write.


2. Attraction Marketing is big on lifestyle.

  • Share ourselves with our audience. Let them see who we are, what we’re doing, what we enjoy.
  • Show freedom of time and choices. Indicate that we set our own schedule and come and go as we wish.
  • Share pictures of fun times with family and friends and DIY around the house.
  • Sometimes what seems like bragging is really just to show others it’s possible. If we keep our shares in that framework, it is encouraging and induces hope for others.

3. Valuable content is important in Attraction Marketing.

  • Put out good content frequently and consistently.
  • What makes content valuable? Relevancy. Where is our audience stuck and how can we help?
  • Brand ourselves, not our company. We want people to relate to us, not to our company.
  • Where can we get content – especially if we are new? Repurpose what we hear on webinars tutorials, trainings, etc. Put the information in our own words and give credit to the originator.
  • This is big — create a library of content so we don’t need to continually reinvent the wheel.. Organize your material for future reference – our videos, webinars, copy-writing, etc. It’s perfectly acceptable to repurpose our own material.

7 Strategies To Attract People In The Market Place

4. Uplift others and be interactive in Attraction Marketing.

  • Post something out there every day – preferably a couple times a day.
  • Get out there and cheer people on – whether they’re on our team or not. (If we want to get love, we have to give love). Build relationships.
  • Make our comments meaningful – something more than “great post.”
  • Be consistent planting those seeds. Make a commitment to doing so.
  • Every day, make new friends on the internet. This is networking – after all, we are NETWORK marketers – no? It’s not necessary to always talk business and “share your wares.” Just chatting to get to know one another as you would at a gathering is fine. It expands our sphere of influence.

5. Communication needs to be other-people focused in Attraction Marketing

  • Celebrate other people. As we mentioned above, cheer them on when we see their successes.
  • Be interested in the other person. A good book to read for reference on this topic is the old classic by Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • Be aware of the challenges of other people. If there is an appropriate opportunity to discuss our business with others, a good question to ask is: What are you wanting to accomplish? Or, What problems are you running into?
  • Sometimes people don’t know what they’re looking for – help them identify it. We may see their situation differently from how they see it. It may take a few times for them to “get it” – thus…consistency on our part is essential.
  • There’s a difference between what they want and what they need, and we can guide them to see the difference – even by telling our story.
  • Let them know what we have that can help them by addressing their problems.


6. Using multi social media channels enhances Attraction Marketing.

This strategy needs to be evaluated carefully. When for starting out, we want to be focused on learning certain skills…learning how to use different social media platforms. The recommendation is always to MASTER one or two new skills at a time.

Once we’ve gotten a few skills under our belts, and we’ve learned a few of them and are comfortable in using them, then the more areas where we can be seen, the better.

  • The more times and more places we’re seen – helps our visibility.
  • Have a home base platform – whatever we enjoy and feel good using – and branch out from there.
  • Brand ourselves with our name. Be consistent. For example, when we use our own name across the board…on our blog, our Twitter account, Facebook, Instagram, etc, the more easily recognizable we are. If we have a name that several others have, then add a word or two, such as “work with” John Jones, or John Jones “online.”
  • FAMILIARITY IS ATTRACTIVE. The more times people see us, the “safer” we become to them. And the safer we are, the more likely they are to want to do business with us.
  • Use the same picture on all platforms…or at least use one that is easily recognizable as the same the same person.
  • Another reason for diversifying our platforms is that people tend to follow us from platform to platform. It gives people flexibility to relate to you and contact you on whatever platform is comfortable to them.
  • It’s great to “specialize” on one platform to do most of our marketing – no need to spend the same amount of time on each platform. Focus on one, but use several.

7. Be a MASTER INVITER in Attraction Marketing.

  • Inviting is not selling – just inviting.
  • Be casual about your invitations. If we find ourselves trying to convince, that is not inviting AND it is not attracting.
  • Be VERY consistent with inviting so that our audience is so used to it from us – they expect it. Invite people to everything we do. For example, “Such and such Webinar is going on tonight. A bunch of us are jumping on. Wanna come?” (And include an image). Or, “I’ve been watching these great Webinars every Wednesday. The one this Wednesday is on…. You might want to join us.”


In Summary

Attract people with what they want – build the relationship – show them what we have that they want. Offer training and content.

How much is too much? How can I provide enough value in my communication so as not to annoy people.

When in doubt about anything you’re doing – TEST IT.

Hope you found this post helpful: 7 Strategies To Attract People In The Market Place.

Based on a Hangout with Diane Hochman and Ed Zimbardi


Till Next Time,



PS. Here’s a great 18-minute video that shows you how you can take this system on a 10-day trial. You might want to watch it. Right Here.

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    • You’re so welcome Kay. I found it very helpful when it was shared to me. Yes, language is important — light, uplifting and friendly as well as allowing others to get to know us through sharing our lifestyle.

    • She is a gem, isn’t she Adewale. Thank you for your comment — appreciate it.

    • She certainly is an incredible teacher. I have learned so much from her — nuggets spill out every time she opens her mouth. And so easy-breezey. Thanks Jelena.

  1. Attraction marketing hinges on the word “attraction” like bees to pollen or butterflies to light. It involves all the good things you have mentioned above and Inviting is m take away. Always be inviting others casually in a friendly way and one day they will or they will communicate that they really aren’t interested which is okay too. What we do is not for everybody either 🙂 Uplift others, interact, be social in afterwords 🙂 Loved it!

    • Glad you made that point, Julie. Some will clearly say “no thanks.” It’s not for them. that frees them to seek out what they do want, and it frees us to work with those we can help. Friendly and causally is the ticket. Appreciate your input.

    • You ought to know Vitaliy — it sure works well for you. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Yes Yes!! These 7 Stratagies are ESSENTIAL!! Thank you so much for this post. Great Video too Carol! Love it so much, Im Sharing. Oh My Fave pics is When Ellie goes Into the “Handy Lady” mode. Those Are a Great way for us, your audience , to get to Know you two 🙂 Love it 🙂

    • HA — you have me laughing Tara about the Handy Lady pics. You should have seen her on the car port rook with a rope around waist in case she lost her footing. Appreciate your feedback. For myself, I find it helpful every time I’m reminded to keep it simple and keep it friendly.

  3. Great post Carol! LOL, just kidding but it was indeed very informative and I read it line for line which is something that is sadly hard to do with many of the blogs. They just don’t attract me…not my kind of pollen. Keep up the awesome honeymaking. 🙂 Namaste.

    • Funny — you had me glued to your blog post today. Love your style of writing. About this…thank you for coming by, and I appreciate your input. Thank you Claudette.

  4. Not only are these great strategies but they are good reminders for people wanting the attract their audience and build a successful business. I think the common thread I get from each of these Carol, is having a positive mindset and approach. When that happens, it certainly will attract the right people. Thanks for sharing!

    • You got it Lynn. Positivity will attract positive people, and that’s whom we want in our business in order to be successful. As we well know, mindset is at the bottom of it all. Appreciate your feedback.

  5. All of my blog posts always have a positive spin, even if I am talking about a “serious” subject matter. Life is too short to be NEGATIVE, that’s for sure!

    • Way to go Gigi. You’re absolutely correct — hanging onto the negative gets us nowhere but to more negativity. Thanks for your input.

    • Thank you Renard. Yes, I am into LOA as well. Absolutely, putting out the “attraction” vibe brings people to you.

    • Thanks Kenny. Yup, as they say, be interested, not try to be interesting — that puts the focus back on them.

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