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Process To Create Value Content | Video Marketing Tips

I have found the #1 reason people don’t do videos for their business is really not because they are so camera shy  …. It’s because they have a difficult time coming up with good value content!

I started doing a video about gathering and creating content for our Video Tips For Newbies group on facebook … Then realized this is not just about creating video content … the process I am going to show you will help you create any content you need … For videos, blogs, social media

First – What is Value Content?

You want to be supplying information that is of value to your targeted audience. You need to know – Who is your target audience …. and … What are they looking for?

What is their problem that you can solve?

Doesn’t matter what the subject is – weight loss, health, gardening, money, online marketing … The list goes on and on. What information are these people looking for .. and how can you supply it?

Here is the Process to Create that Value Content:

You know your subject – now write down everything you know about it.

I’ll use myself – We teach Attraction Marketing for business … I can break that down into many categories and lists.

Let’s grab one category – Online Marketing – and make a list:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Traffic paid and free
  • Resources and Tools
  • And More …..

From that list I’ll take Resources and Tools -and make a list:

  • WordPress Blog
  • Domain Name
  • Capture Page Creator
  • Autoresponder
  • And More ….

One of the first tools a person marketing online should have is an autoresponder. What do I know about using an autoresponder? Let’s make another list  😉

  • Why you need an autoresponder
  • How to pick the right one for your business
  • How to set it up – this could be further broken down – the difference between email sequence and broadcasts | Create a sequence | Create a template with a signature file | insert more ideas here
  • How to create forms | widgets on your blog | a page with a form | a thank you page | insert more ideas here
  • How to email your list
  • How to segment the list
  • How to understand the stats
  • Insert more ideas here ….

Do you see how much value content we can create just on this one subject? And I didn’t even expand these lists as far as they can go!

How to Create the Content:

  • Write a blog post … like I’m doing right here.  😉
  • Create images – memes – share on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest
  • Do a facebook post
  • Videos – screenshare showing how to do that thing. In the autoresponder example you could be showing how to create a form. If you have a health and wellness business – you could do a video of you creating a breakfast smoothie.
  • Do a Facebook Live Q&A – also could be done on periscope.
  • Insert more ideas here ….

The Most Important Element in Your Content:

You can google autoresponders and get a gazillion articles, posts and video …  Same with breakfast smoothies, or health and wellness or online marketing. There is a multitude of information out there.

How does your content stand out? -- By inserting and being YOU! Click To Tweet

If you just make a list about autoresponders – you are not really supplying value. But if you address each of those items we talked about above through your eyes, your experience … now you are giving a personal touch.

People learn from others experiences … By giving your experience through your voice – you are not only helping them learn … you are connecting with them.

That is crucial in your business … People do business with people they know, like and trust. Creating value content should always include your experiences so you are connecting with the reader.

One of the easiest ways to have this connection is with video marketing. Which is how this article got written … I’ve been working with our Video Group and was aware people think they don’t have anything important to say. They think they don’t know enough to teach.

I’m hoping as you read this post – saw how easy this process is … you started to realize you know much more than you give yourself credit for.  AND … there are people who need to hear the information coming from you – from your voice.  😉


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