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Why not consider these 4 strategies to attain your goals in your home based business.


I know … you’ve heard this before … how important it is to have a vision and set your goals in order to reach your vision.

Let me explain what I mean, and I’ll start by asking a question.


Do you ever find yourself “stuck” in your business? You’re active and working on it every day. You’re seeing some results, but you are chomping at the bit to move to “the next level.” Not much is changing, and you’re pretty much spinning your wheels.

You’re looking for more leads … for more conversions … for more team members or recruits … for more money.

Just plain MORE! (And you keep getting the same).

Hold tight a minute or two … I’ll get to the 4 strategies to attain your goals in your home based business. And guess what? They are primarily based on mindset.


Let’s back up a little bit. Like I said, everybody talks about your vision … about setting goals that cement your vision into the real world.

Lordy, how I used to poo-poo that idea. I thought to myself … ”I want to make a decent income and help others to do the same. I want to be able to spend a lot of time at a Caribbean beach. Why do I need to write that down?”

I hear the gurus talk about anchoring that image by experiencing it through your senses. Again, I thought, “In my mind I can see the sunlight glittering on the ocean and the beautiful sunsets … I can hear the waves folding onto the shore and the sounds of the sea gulls … I can feel the ocean breeze across my face and the sensation of my body being enveloped in temperate ocean water, etc. Why do I need to write it out?”

Then I realized why. It’s true – writing it out and reading it daily does anchor it in my mind and most importantly, it reminds me of where I’m headed every day … of why I’m doing this work.

As they say … having a goal is the GPS system in action in our business. We have a direction, and hopefully we have written out smaller objectives that get us to that goal with a minimum of wavering.


So … next step. And here’s where the mindset and personal development work come in … Big Time!

You see the place where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be a physical place … it can be ability to help your children get started in life … or having sufficient income to retire in the style you want … whatever it may be. Or it can be an image in your mind of your dream house.

Now here’s the big piece. Do you see yourself there? I mean really know that you belong there in that place?

Belong implies ownership. Do you own that “place?” Do you know that you deserve it, are worthy of it.

Let’s take a closer look at that word worthy. It includes worth. Do you truly believe that you are worth being in that place. Since it all boils down to self image, does your image of yourself allow you to “be” there? Or do you just think … “that would be nice” … or “wouldn’t it be great if” … or “someday.”

If you have that place, that space, in your mind where you want to be, you then step into ownership of it in order to go there. You need to know you are worth it. You need to know you are capable of getting there. That place belongs to you.


OK … so you have your vision written out in the form of one or more goals with your senses taking it all in. You have objectives and a timeline to get you there. You review it everyday. You want it. You hope you can have it. You work toward it. But “how” do you get to the point of owning that place … that space … and knowing that you belong there?

By following these 4 strategies to attain your goals in your home based business…..


  • Assess our daily method of operation. If what we are doing is not moving us to our objectives and closer to our goal, then we need to make some changes, some tweaks.

We can increase and expand what we are doing. We can add something to the mix. We can delete what is obviously not moving us along. We can ask questions in our mastermind group or consult with a mentor. We need to shake something up and do something different.

  • Assume authority. Take inventory of your self image  so you can see where you need to build up your confidence. Once that is accomplished, then you need to improve your skills in that area and work on yourself.

Reading personal development books and listening to personal development audios will move you toward the direction of confidence and authority. Then you need to allow yourself to feel confident and assume the role of a person with authority … step into that place by knowing that you belong there.

  • Commit to listening. Some folks are under the impression that it’s necessary to keep talking and convincing. Quite the contrary is true. In speaking with prospects and colleagues, surely engagement in conversation is necessary. However, to find out how you can help people, listen to what they have to say.

Ask the appropriate questions and then be silent so you can hear the answers. Be present in the situation. A good listener creates an environment where people feel safe to express themselves. They know they are being heard. That sense of safety leads to trust.

  • And finally, throughout the process described above, and in all your business interactions, allow yourself to be real and vulnerable. Let go of any bravado … any ego. The thought of doing that can be scary, but in letting go, you will find yourself moving past your fear and taking charge of your life.

Here’s an excellent way to reframe any fear or resistance you may have to being yourself and being vulnerable. Rather than thinking, “What will people think or say if they see the real me?” Ask yourself …

“What if I don’t make changes in how I am being … and I find myself in the same place next year as I am now.”

Now that’s a frightening space to occupy.


I hope these 4 strategies to attain your goals in your home based business are helpful to you.


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  1. Thanks for the tips, strategies and inspiration Carol about attaining our goals. Love the videos by the way! Very authentic and full of your personality and vibrant energy!

    • Glad to hear it Lisa. I just read a quote from Zig Ziglar that goes like this: A goal properly set is halfway reached.

    • Not always easy to do, Kenny. First we have to know who we are, and then we have to not give a darned about others’ opinions of us. I believe vulnerability leads to truth.

    • Thank you Robin. Hope it helps. Appreciate your feedback Mr Real Robin Williams!

    • Thank you Sandra. Mindset underlies it all — once we get that set, we can move forward.

  2. Awesome post Carol and advice! I am as real as they get (one of your tips) and part of that means allowing my “business” to grow at its own pace. From my mistakes of the past, I have learned to embrace that. Again, great post!

    • Thank you for saying so … the post is from Carol of EllieAndCarol.com, however.

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