3-Step Video Marketing Formula

3 Step Video Marketing Formula

We are all becoming aware that the use of video in marketing is the way to go now, and this 3-step video marketing formula will show you how to best grow your video marketing business.

As the old saying goes, “People buy people, not products.” What better way to allow people to see us in action than through video. We become more personal to our audience which enhances the trust level, if they connect with us.

Video is the number one way to get your name and face in front of your prospects.

Here’s a breakdown of the process.

#1 of the 3-Step Video Marketing Formula

Understand and Research Your Market – who am I marketing to?

  • Tools to find out what people are searching for and where they are getting frustrated.
  • Google Keyword Planner – what words are people using in their Google search?
  • Forums – find out what marketers are talking about and what they want to know.
  • Facebook Groups – indicate what people are questioning and advertising.
  • From this information, create a list of topics for information to share.

#2 of the 3-Step Video Marketing Formula

Create Video Content.

  • Go get a cheat sheet for 101 video creation ideas HERE.
  • Answer the most pressing questions of your target market.
  • Use mobile phone for speed of creating and uploading a video.
  • When you are able to answer a question or address a frustration point of your audience, that’s when you become an authority.

Follow this simple Blueprint for your video

1) Introduction
2) Question – are you looking for (the topic)?
3) Content – give 1 to 2 points and then say you have a free download with remaining x number of points. (Have a capture page).
4) Call to Action – tell them exactly what to do for the next step.

#3 of the 3-Step Video Marketing Formula

Promote Your Content

  • You can circle around with the various social media platforms.
  • Post the video directly to Facebook and direct people to your blog.
  • Run a Facebook ad.
  • Post the video on Twitter.
  • Use an automated Twitter posting tool linking back to your You Tube channel.
  • Post directly to You Tube where the video will remain for residual leads.

In Summary, follow this 3-Step Marketing Formula on a daily basis, using the process over and over and over again with fresh material. Within 90 days you should see a marked difference in your business.

Keep the video as brief as possible. If you’re looking for blog content, forward the video to REV.com where it will be transcribed for $1 per minute. That content can become your blog post.

(This post was based on a training conducted by Mark Harbert who has created a 6-figure business with video marketing).

Should you want to pursue Mark’s training, he is offering a valuable course on video marketing. Click HERE for more information.

(I don’t want to mislead you. I stated in the video that the link goes to free video classes. While there is an abundance of free information that Mark shares, there is also a product which he promotes.

I’ve been on the other side of this promotion and grabbed this program myself because Mark knows what he is talking about and is an excellent teacher. This is something you may want to grab for yourself).



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    • Thank you Claudette. I appreciate what you say and certainly hope it is of help.

    • Totally agree Mardene. Until the next tech creation, I believe video will hold its place in the marketing arena.

  1. Love these tips Carol absolutely spot on and insightful.

    Video marketing is a fast growing source of business and brand growth for the Brands and entrepreneurs or users leveraging it properly.
    Most Marketers forget to address a Specific problem or Simply forget a CTA and after all that awesome info you wonder…! Thanks for sharing!

    • Great input Julie. So easy to forget to have a CTA. And just as easy to talk without focusing on a specific problem/solution. Appreciate your reminders. At this juncture, video is clearly the way to go because it gets you out there and allows people to decide more quickly if they are going to like and trust you.

    • Thanks Tara. I really like Mark Harbert’s approach to video. Simple and uncomplicated. And yes, obviously those birds caught my attention!

    • Good for you Sandra. Seo and blog ranking is not one of my strong points, but i understand that putting your video in your blog post helps to rank it. Good for you.

    • Interesting comment Jonna. Perhaps it is not “necessary,” however, video is certainly the platform that seems to be creating loads of success online and is probably the quickest way to connect as personally as possible online. Facebook, which is a tremendously widespread platform, will be moving to primarily video within the next 3 years according to its owner. Someday, another medium will be created that is more successful, but for now, I’ll join your thinking and go with video. Thanks!

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