How To Use Facebook For Business

How To Use Facebook For Business

“How can I use facebook to grow my business?”

That’s a question Carol and I get asked often. And usually it is asked in a frustrated or exhausted tone …

I get it … you know there are over 1 billion (Yes I said Billion) active users – so why aren’t you getting leads for your business?!

Some will say you have to have a business page – And while I agree that having a business page is beneficial … too many folks are missing the point of facebook.

Facebook is social media — that word social is important!

Yes you can advertise and that is one reason to have a business page. I will do another post about how that works and  how it can indeed benefit you.

And truth is … facebook really doesn’t want you advertising your business on your profile page… The key word there is advertising — If you are putting nothing but links on your profile page – You are missing the point of facebook  … and … you are breaking their rules.

But … if you are wanting to build your business with organic traffic using attraction marketing – You Need to Be Social!

That has always been the way facebook has worked .. and now it is even more relevant as they announced an update to the Newsfeed which will be serving you even more from your friends and family. You can read about that here

So when I hear that frustrated person’s question … the first thing I do is go to their profile page – and then I see why they aren’t connecting with people!

Have you ever seen a cover photo like this?

You need to have a social facebook cover

Do you really want to get to know this person … let alone do business with them?  😉

Now truth is this example is a little severe … But this person is on my friends list – luckily they are not building a business!

Unfortunately I do see people who are building business with profile’s like this .. or they have their dog or cat’s picture as their profile image!

I’m sure your pet is adorable!!  …. But …. letting someone see you is a first in building a relationship.

The best way to demonstrate this and to explain many of the setting that can help or hinder you – I brought you into my page, in the video below, to show you around.

Take Notes …. and …. open a tab to your facebook profile page and you can follow along with me. Stop the video when you need to – go make that change – then come on back and go onto the next step.



If you can’t see all the settings you can enlarge the video – click the box icon on the bottom right. That will bring up a full size screen for you.

How To Use Facebook for Business Video

Social media is about .... Being Social Click To Tweet

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