7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Andy Andrews

There’s a book, The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success by Andy Andrews, that presents 7 decisions we can make that will enhance and change our lives.

Every day I read something related to home business and/or personal development … well dang near every day … as part of my own educational program.

When I hear of a book that someone recommends, I usually pick it up. Someone, I don’t remember who, recommended The Traveler’s Gift. After having read it, this book has become one of my top 10 all-time favorites.

The Traveler’s Gift discusses 7 decisions that determine personal success, and presents them in a very unique framework which I won’t go into for fear of giving away some of the fun of the book.

Over the next 7 blog posts, I will be discussing these 7 decisions, based on the teachings in this book, and talking about them in terms of personal life and business life.

These are tough decisions that separate the women from the girls, the men from the boys, success from mediocrity.

So let’s get into it …..

Here’s the first decision:

The buck stops here … I will not let my history control my destiny.

This decision requires having the courage and the guts to take responsibility … responsibility for one’s situation in life … mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. By taking responsibility for one’s choices and decisions, we place ourselves in charge of our circumstances.

It requires flipping from the belief of “Look what happened to me” to “Look what I created … good and bad.” This shift in thinking moves from a perspective of blame and victimhood to a place of responsibility and control.

Our path of choices has led us to where we are. When we realize that truth and accept responsibility, we free ourselves for bigger things in the future because we become aware that we are in charge.
“I am responsible for my success.”

And here’s how the progression goes: my thoughts and beliefs … my choices and decisions … my actions … my situation.


If we find that out lives are not fulfilling … our relationships, vocation, housing, etc … we need to remember that we created those situations which means that we have the power to change them.

In our business world … if we are not as successful as we would like to be … we need to ask ourselves: do we have our goal set out with a plan to get there and do we take action every day toward that end?

Do we have realistic expectations … knowing that it will take time and require consistent and persistent work no matter what?

Are we placing ourselves in the company of others who want to be successful and bring about positive change in the world? (Are we allowing ourselves to not stay stuck in “comfort” by not associating with those who aim to remain in mediocrity?)

There’s no need for second thoughts and second-guessing ourselves. In other words … no apology for our lives.

We must learn to look at challenges as opportunities. That’s not always easy to do … but we can learn to reframe those “speed bumps” into stimuli or catalysts for us to redirect ourselves and create even greater things for ourselves.

Think of the many stories of successful and influential people who faced poverty, ridicule, losses and “failures” … Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Joe Vitale, Jerry Hicks, Louise Hay … to name a few.

Can we view challenges as choices to make … rather than problems to deal with?

Keep in mind that adversity is preparation for greatness!

I hope you found the first of the 7 decisions that determine personal success interesting or helpful. I invite you to follow the series of 6 more decisions that determine personal success in the posts to follow.

See you there,


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  1. Hello this does sound like something I must read !!~ I am going to order this as soon as possible. thank you for sharing this and now can’t wait until the next Blog !!~ thank you !!` Appreciate

    • Thank you Sandra. Am starting the next one today. I could re-read that book 100 times and still enjoy every minute of it. I’d love to know your thoughts on the book Sandra.

  2. We have to for sure take personal responsibility to anything that happens to us. We have to know that we are only getting what we asked for consciously or unconsciously.

    • Yes, our current situation is based on prior programming and decisions and choices we have made in the past. And it could be long ago past that led us to where we are now. And our current choices and decisions are in our power and control which will take us into the future. It feels good to know that. Thanks for your comment Chris.

    • Isn’t it a wonderful thing to expand our minds and take in new information and look at old information from new perspectives. That’s what keeps us going — what keeps our minds alive. Thanks Di.

  3. Wow you are so right Carol. I also could very easily let my past dictate my future, but I also refuse to do that.
    I have learned through reading that I control my own destiny.
    Great post Carol.

    • Isn’t developing oneself through reading a wonderful pursuit? We learn to question things and change our perspective where it matters most. Thanks Irene for your input.

    • Yes, taking responsibility allows us to do things and change things we never thought possible. Thanks for coming by Herschel.

    • It’s the challenges that become opportunities and move us out of mediocrity. Thanks for your comment Vahagn.

    • You’re welcome Danielle. This book set its wisdom in the most interesting settings — for me. I loved it.

  4. You are spot on. Everyone has challenges and we must work to over come them. By overcoming them we prove to ourselves that we can do all things. That no one and no thing can get in our way.

    • The buck stops with us. Blame does not help, avoidance serves no purpose, but accepting responsibility and addressing situations not only resolves the issues in some fashion, but also helps us to grow and develop.

  5. I havent heard of this book and I will be looking out for it and reading it asap. I sure agree that we must read to grow. Personal development, its done in the corporate world. We more than ever need to. Well well taking personal responsibility…that took me a while to look int he eye and Say YES It all stops with me!

    • Oh….so very true Julie about looking at responsibility in the eye. I’ve heard it said that our business is personal development with a comp plan. That seems true in many instances.

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