7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 2

7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 2

Let’s take a look at the second of the Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success from the book by Andy Andrews, The Traveler’s Gift.

You may want to check out the first decision in the previous blog post Here.

This blog series will continue until we have examined all seven of these decisions.

The Second of the 7 Decisions that determine personal success — “I Will Seek Wisdom.”

Opportunities are constantly placed in our path. It is up to us to be prepared to move on them.

As the Scout motto says … Be Prepared.

But how do we know how to prepare when we don’t know ahead of time what the opportunity will be … it is so uncertain?

We don’t know what it is or when it will happen!

The answer is simple and will bring us success and happiness.

7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 2

This effort requires diligence.

Think of it this way…..

The present becomes the past in a flash … every instant. And we cannot change the past. The past is history. It’s gone.

But we can change the future … our future. How? By changing our attitude, our perspective, and therefore our actions.

We are always changing anyway. We might just as well take charge of the direction of the change which puts us in control of ourselves.

So how do we guide our direction?


First off, it is imperative to be mindful of whom we choose as our companions.

Think of it…..

As children, we are conditioned by parents, other family and authority figures.

When we are teens and young adults, our peers have the greatest influence on us.

Later in life, we pretty much replicate the values and behaviors of our friends and at times our family again.

When we reach the point where we can choose, clearly, we want to be in the company of those who are going in the direction we are going … preferably even those who are farther ahead.

As for the others, it is best to spend as little time as possible with them.


Secondly, seek the counsel of others.

Choose a mentor whose values resonate with you, whether it’s someone you pay or more informally follow someone … a leader in your field.

Different leaders have different methods of operation … and that can be confusing, especially to someone who is new. The recommendation which makes sense to me is to choose one person in particular and stick with her / him for 90 days.

In addition, be active in your team and attend the calls and hangouts. You can add your knowledge and experience and get your questions answered in that environment. It offers the benefits of a mastermind group.


Thirdly, remember to serve others. This action helps us to maintain perspective.

As you develop authority and your sphere of influence increases, we can become very small very quickly and lose our place without valuing others enough to serve them.

“The responsibility that comes with leadership is often humbling.”

Keep in mind, however, that as a leader, your task is not to eliminate the struggles of others, but to encourage and assure them in their journey. Their efforts have value.

“The servant is the popular choice of the people.”

Finally, read and listen to educational and inspirational material every day.

This activity alone will alleviate doubt and enhance our belief in ourselves as well as to understand and claim our place in the world.

In summary, the second of the 7 decisions that determine personal success is to seek wisdom in order to prepare for opportunities to guide our future.

That activity includes choosing our company wisely, taking counsel from others who have success, serving others, and round off our education with reading and listening appropriate materials.


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    • Ha — i just wrote a reply to someone else with these same thoughts Keith. Yes, I certainly would agree. In addition, I believe we are impacting the business world — the economic system — for the better.

  1. Carol,
    A very good post to learn and liked the part where you say seek counsel.It’s Important to seek out others that have followed this road because we are all in this together. Thanks For your suggestions and a great article. Seek Wisdom.
    Lori English

    • Thank you Lori. Indeed, we are all in this together. If we step back and look at the larger picture, what a tremendous change for the good (I believe) we are making in the business world, not to mention the personal development realm. Community!

  2. I hadnt heard about the book Carol, so Thank you for The recommendation of this resource! I love audios so I will seek to find that so I can listen to it over and over!

    Seek Wisdom. A very apt statement, one which many use but mostly don’t practice. I love to seek wisdom from on High and then find that Human vessel I am guided to for answers, a Mentor!
    Awesome post!

    • Awesome practice Julie — seeking wisdom from Source, on High, and then following up in the human realm with mentors.

      We all have different taste in books. Some people rave about, and they just don’t resonate with me. This one really struck home with me, and others may not like it at all. yet, it may be worth a try.

  3. awesome content Carol. You are absolutely right in saying our attitude and our perception affect our future. Its great to know that fate is but what we make it to be unless it is already decided. will be looking out for the book. thanks. Great post Carol

    • Thanks Andy. We have so much power within us — so much control over our lives that we are not even aware of. So much we can develop in our lives. Reading helps to unlock this awareness.

  4. You nailed it Carol! I love everything you said here, seek wisdom, seek guidance, take action and personal development everyday. All important and all crucial to anyone’s success on or off line.

  5. Thank you Carol, This was precisely what my mind was looking for tonight. Seeking understanding and wisdom is Definitely key to our Growth and fulfillment. Great post.

    • Thanks, Tara. Glad it hit home. I just love the context within which this author contains his information. But for anyone who is interested in the book, I didn’t want to reveal it and spoil it.

  6. This is wonderful advice. As an avid reader and educator for the past 20 years, I also really love the tip about reading more. Even reading for pleasure does wonders for our minds and mindset enhancement.

    • Reading is a very beneficial habit to get into. I’m not the fastest reader in the world, but got back into reading since being online. Every night I read before going to sleep. It calms my brain, and I learn new things all the time.

    • The younger people start, the more ingrained and habitual it will become. Good point, Mark.

  7. Oh that wise owl is a great reminder about how important it is to seek out wisdom. Learning from others and relating to those mentors that can help us in our life journey is key. Really great insight as usual Carol, thanks for sharing!

    • As a young woman, I was not even aware of mentorship and first heard of it at my level in my middle years. And now being in this online profession, I can truly see that it is not only important, but a necessity to help us grow and expand at the pace we need. Thanks Lynn.

    • People can pull us down and lead us to self doubt. Being in the company of the people who support us and our vision is highly important. And of course merely seeking money for money’s sake is not likely to take us where we want to go, nor will it help others when we have to ability to do so. Indeed, serving others is what not only helps those concerned, but the world community as a whole.

    • It’s a great habit to practice. Daily reading books related to our endeavors helps us in the business world as well as in our personal lives. Thanks for your input Yemisi.

    • Appreciate your input. We are responsible for creating our success and have the ability to do so. Seeking wisdom by being of service, by creating the appropriate environment are means to do so. Thanks Mike.

    • Thanks Steve. Seeking wisdom and doing what it takes to reach that level of living clearly leads to growth — and of a sustained nature, as you say.

  8. Hello
    This is good. My husband is constantly reading and learning new things from books and the internet. some of it is just for fun and some for work. Yes and wise counsel is really important in time of need. I have used it and will again to those I trust. My older children especially my middle child seems to have a servant heart already there as he is often seen helping someone and its his choice.
    Good article. thanks. 🙂

    • Thanks for coming by and giving your input Lisa. I’m pleased that you found something in the article that you could resonate with. Sounds like you and your husband have raised some wonderful children with awareness of others and their needs. For years, I hardly read. Then I picked it up again since being in this field and truly enjoy the learning and the relaxation that comes from reading — apparently your husband feels the same way.

  9. Great content. We grow as we seek to find something of value. Then we grow again when we put those thoughts into words, then pass on what we have learned… and our great grand children will be able to tell that we were here… Steve Wonder lyrics!

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