7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 3

7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 3

We’ve covered the first 2 of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success In Recent Posts:

  1.  The Buck Stops Here, and
  2.  I Will Seek Wisdom

Now we’ll discuss the 3rd Decision: I Am A Person Of Action.



7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 3

We find ourselves in all sorts of situations on our journey, some we consciously created, and many are results of choices and decisions from our unconscious – habitual responses.

When these circumstances are unpleasant, our brain is likely to perceive them as a threat and can quickly place us in the fight or flight mode because of the hard-wiring in the amygdala section of our brain. Or, sometimes we freeze … not knowing what to do.

So often, we speak of our ability to make changes in our unconscious automatic responses to stimuli by becoming aware of our thought processes and consciously making decisions to our benefit.

If we maintain our all-important vision and consciously make choices and decisions that will move us toward that vision, then we can rest assured that the action we take as a result is “the right thing to do.”

We speak of fight or flight, and yet sometimes as we said above, we freeze … indecision … a third option, although probably temporary.


This dilemma … should I make a stand, should I run away, should I just stand still and maybe it will go away because I don’t know what to do … this is a time when we can practice and develop to capacity to become “unable to do nothing.”

If we train ourselves to NOT do nothing, we then are left with the decisions of standing our ground or running away. And when we are “hell-bent” on realizing our visions, then the only remaining choice is to “press toward the mark.”

That choice … that decision … to take action … is the 3rd of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success, as we said above.

How do we make the changes that will bring us to the decision of being a Person of Action?

  • By no longer dwelling on times in the past that we now believe were squandered or missed opportunities.
  • By being prepared to seize opportunities (as we discussed in the blog post on Decision #2).
  • By being willing to take the required action … even when it is uncomfortable.


Accept that the past is done and we have no control over it. Surely the past can be used as a reference point, but not a place to stay focused on.

Develop our awareness and consciously work on creating a “new me.” Create new habits and tune into the urge to move forward. We are where we are … and we will live going forward from now.

Become a leader … inspire others with your action. “Many people move out the way for a person on the move; others get caught up in the wake.” Create a wave of success for those who follow in your wake.

Be consistent. Be decisive.

Step away from the “comfort” of mediocrity.

Sort the information you take in and reach conclusions. Napoleon Hill wrote that information in and of itself serves no purpose. But information that is organized is what gives us power and a springboard for action.

Abandon fear … it has no place in our lives except to hold us back. Replace fear with courage and proper stubbornness so that we are not dissuaded from our decisions for action.

Rich rewards come to those who take action.

Remember … failure can only occur if we quit.

As the 3rd of the 7 Decisions That Create Personal Success dictates:

“I am a person of action.”


(All from the book, The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews.)

What are your thoughts on the subject? I would love to read your input in the comments.


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  1. Great post Carol!

    Learning to let go of the past, seize new opportunities, and stepping out of our comfort zones are all parts that determine our personal success.

    “The Traveler’s Gift” is on my books to read list, now I’m even more excited about reading it after reading your blog post.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment Kristine. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve read it.

    • Hi Carol,
      Good article and like the fight free, and freeze, I think of this in my psychology and Biology classes. I also compared to this the marketing, because Sometimes that is how it feels when you are learning the ropes in the market.Thank You for your article!

      Lori English, MSW

      • Thanks for your input Lori. Yes, it happens across the board — in marketing too. I can see how it would relate to your classes. Learning the ropes in marketing can bring out these responses because we want to learn so much so quickly so that we can put ourselves in profit. Sometimes it tends to “short circuit” us.

    • I’ve read it a couple times so far and intend to keep it close by, always. One of my all-time favorites. Sounds like it had the same effect on you Rory.

    • Thanks Steven. And we appreciated your “Wake Up Call” this week. Will be great to meet you in a couple days!

    • Thanks Kenny. I really love this book. I don’t know if you ever heard Wayne Dyer talk about the contents and vibration of a book being absorbed just by carrying the book around. I’m thinking I should have this with me at all times. It offers 7 powerful messages, as you say, and in powerful contexts.

    • Definitely, Daniel. Action must be consistent in order to be effective. Thanks for the input!

    • Thanks Jelena. Consistent action pays dividends. You are certainly proof of that!

    • If you read the context of this chapter in the book, it would be branded into your mind. It has inspired me on more than one occasion!

    • Thanks for your comment Di. What took place IS over and done. Nothing we can do to change it. We can, however, step into a place of accepting more responsibility and take action accordingly.

    • Yes indeed Sahib. Behavior trumps words any time! Words can set us up, but then we need to follow through with action.

  2. great content. fear is never a good thing and completely paralyses our ability to think and take correct decisions. thanks for sharing. have added this book to my wishlist in amazon

    • Great — Hope you enjoy it as much as I did Andy. Clearly, fear does not serve us well — generally it serves to pull us backward into places that did not benefit us — or it recreates those places. Thanks for your input Andy.

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