7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Live Event

7 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Live Event

Prior to attending our last event recently, we were presented with information on how to best benefit from the event, and I boiled the information down to these 7 tips to get the most out of your next live event.




I personally followed these tips to the best of my ability at the time, and I must say that I benefited tremendously from the event.



  1. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

If you go to the event with the idea of being your usual self – whatever that usual self may be – drop that idea.

Instead, make the commitment to yourself that you will be or do at least one thing different – maybe ask for more pictures with one of the leaders, maybe exchange contact information with one of your colleagues, maybe introduce yourself and talk with someone you’ve never met before.


  1. Take lots of notes.

Come prepared with a notebook and pen, or with your laptop, and take notes throughout.

Review those notes on the way home and once you get home.

Then turn those notes into Income Producing Activities. Teach from them – you have loads of content for your blog, your videos, Facebook posts. Etc.


  1. Get pictures and videos.

Have someone take a picture of you on stage if possible, before the day starts or after it ends.

Take pictures with leaders and high-profile people which you can use in your marketing.

Briefly interview some high-profile leaders by asking them a pertinent question. Edify them in the video.

“How were able to get visible in the business when you were starting out?” “What do you attribute your initial breakthrough to?”


  1. Come to the event with an open mind and clean slate.

Regardless of any past experiences or disappointments, attend the event with a positive attitude and a genuine desire to learn and network.

Leave what you think you already know at the door.


  1. Set out your vision for yourself ahead of time and write it down. 

Step into that vision and see yourself already there – as though it already happened.

Make the decision before you arrive that this is the weekend that will change everything for you.


  1. Don’t waste a minute in the company of negativity.

Walk away from negative-speaking people and situations and seek out the people with a positive attitude who are there to gain benefit.


  1. Be present.

Arrive on time. Actively listen to all the speakers. Play FULL OUT!




A Bonus Tip…..Added to the 7 tips to get the most out of your next live event.

Take the information you’ve learned and turn it into a tool to enhance your marketing.

Create a PDF with the information.

Put together a mini boot camp with what you’ve learned.


Let me know what you think. Have these 7 tips to get the most out of your next live event been helpful to you?


I’m sure everyone comes out of their events pumped up and excited.

I can tell you that we were presented with information that will compress time and allow for earlier success with a huge degree of certainty.

And I’ll be talking about it in future posts.

In the interim, I invite you to come and join our Newsletter where we will be talking about it as well.





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    • The information was helpful to me, so I thought it would be helpful for others as well. Thanks Lori.

  1. Very useful information Carol, thanks for sharing. i will definitely keep them in mind when i attend the next event. I particularly like keeping one’s mind open because we sometimes get into the state that we already know that.

    • Yes, I believe most of them would be applicable in a variety of venues. Thanks for that thought.

    • Thanks Tereza. This event was my most memorable so far, perhaps because I took most of my own advice — LOL.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these 7 Tips in preparation of an event. I believe the one that stands out for me is Make yourself as Visible as possible because it helps you earn some nuggets, make new friends and get as much as you can from the event…

    • I’ve been to a few events now, and I know you have been to many Julie. I’ve always had fun and met new people. This last event for me was the first one with the company I am now affiliated with, and what a like-changer! The speakers were magnificent, the tone of the event was on such a high vibe, and meeting so many people for the first time was fantastic. Fortunately, a new friend had spontaneously taken a short video of us “at the right time” which certainly increased our visibility. Made a big difference.

    • I guess you’ll have to write a “note to self” on whatever device you use to take pictures. LOL.

  3. Great tips for getting the most out of live events Carol. It really is an important part of building our business, going to event. Always meet some wonderful people and gain so much valuable information and insight. Thanks for sharing.

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