7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 4

So far we’ve discussed the 1st 3 decisions of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success:

1. The Buck Stops Here

2. I will Seek Wisdom

3. I am A Person Of Action

And now, the 4th Decision of the 7 Decisions that Determine Personal Success:

I Have A Decided Heart.

If we know what our vision is – we know where we are going — criticism and condemnation from others are merely “creatures of the wind” – no more than that. They absolutely have no power over us.

In focusing on our goal, on our vision, exactly where we are in relation to it is not all that important. We are where we are, and that’s that.

What is important is knowing where we are going.


Are you able to say, “Yes, I know where I am going?”

If you are, then describe where you are going in great detail – relate it to your senses – what it looks like, sounds like, smells like. And most of all, what does it feel like?

People may ridicule and make of you along the way, but stay the course.

(I know someone who worked in her business, in addition to her job, for nearly 20 years and earned less than $20. She persisted and ignored what others said. Today, she has a multi-six-figure income, will never need a job again, and lives in the 5 bedroom, 3 bath home of her dreams).

Your truth is never dependent upon “the consensus of opinion” of others.

At all cost, follow your passion. It is better to pursue your truth, your belief, than to listen to what the multitudes of others say, for they are rooted in mediocrity. “If you are afraid of criticism, you will die doing nothing.”

After all, your future grows out of your own beliefs and convictions. Hold tight to your own power. Do not give your power over to others by heeding what they say and think about you.


Passion keeps the fire burning.



Passion leads you to excellence. Your passion actually attracts others and renders you unstoppable.

See what you want to see.

Choose your own destiny from the field of possibilities which already exist in the Universe. The possibilities are limitless.

Passion is heart-based – it is greatness – it is leadership. It is committed for success. While passion seeks solutions, an undecided heart seeks excuses. Failure comes from an undecided heart.

Remember – conditions are never exactly right. Leave indecision behind and proceed anyway. (I Am A Person Of Action).

Because you have a decided heart, others will follow you – they will see your vision for the future as you tenaciously cling to your dream which becomes you.

The following quote pretty well sums up the 4th of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success:

“It is time to be defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past.” Dr. Joe Dispenza


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    • If your heart is decided, you cannot be dissuaded. Persistence and determination. Thanks Helen.

    • Especially if you read it in the context of the book. It certainly brought me up a notch as well. Thanks Tara.

    • Some folks are fortunate enough to know their vision from early on and stick to it no matter what. Regardless of when the decision is made, staying true to it is the key — not allowing others to dissuade us if they try. Let our heart be our guiding light.

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