7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 5

7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 5

Having discussed the first four of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success, we will now talk about the fifth Decision:  “Today I Choose To Be Happy.”


These decision are found in the book, The Traveler’s Gift, by Andy Andrews.

The previous 4 Decisions are here for your review:

1. The Buck Stops Here

2. I will Seek Wisdom

3. I am A Person Of Action

4. I Have A Decided Heart

And now, the fifth of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success is:  Today I Choose To Be Happy!


7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success | Part 5



“Our very lives are fashioned by choice.”

First we make choices, then our choices make us. Think about that.

Complaining is an activity – like any other activity – and we can choose to do it or not to do it.Why complain about our circumstances when there is no need to do so – it is our choice.

Appreciation and gratitude are also choices. If we look, we can find the positives in our lives.

Whenever we become aware that we are experiencing a negative mood – disappointment, frustration, anger for example – we can right then and there make a decision to be happy.

How is that done? Some people do the “mirror work” such as looking at themselves in the mirror and saying, Right now, I choose to be happy.” If that’s too big a jump, then , “Right now I choose to appreciate my cup of coffee.”


Some people just laugh. Did you ever do that – make yourself laugh for no reason other than to just laugh? That act alone will help us to change emotional direction and raise our vibration.

How we are – How we BE – is a combination of the books we read, the thoughts we entertain, the people whose company we keep and choose to listen to. So choosing the books we read, the movies we watch, the company we keep  can make a huge difference in our lives.

What’s inside us determines our greatness. We choose what goes inside us.

If a situation or circumstance that we are experiencing is distasteful and undesirable, we need not despair and allow ourselves to get stuck in that space. We can instead deny the finality of it and acknowledge that it will pass.


Vision and Dreams

And that’s where our vision and dreams come in. When we hit an emotional “speed bump” and we take the steps mentioned above to change those thoughts, we can also go to our vision board — look at the image of our vision and allow ourselves to viscerally feel what it’s like to be in our vision – bring it out of the future and into the present so we can experience it in the NOW.


“Life is a privilege…to live life to the fullest is a choice!”

Happiness need not waft in and out of our lives. It is a choice – the end result of purposefully chosen thoughts and activities which elicit a chemical reaction in our bodies. Happiness is under our control.

If we laugh for 7 seconds when we awake in the morning, we stimulate those chemicals in our bodies and that creates a feeling of enthusiasm for the day.

With that enthusiasm comes excitement – a combination that attracts people to us.



Keep in mind that “A grateful spirit removes the cloud of despair.”


Through our choices, we can be happy — the fifth of the 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success.


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    • So true, Keith. It’s within our power and control to make that decision to be happy. Appreciate your input Keith…thanks for coming by.

  1. Carol,
    Great article and agree with you on what we read, watch, and listen to afffects our success. Positivity and mindset are two great ways to keep our thoughts positive. Taking Action is the way to really devolope the skills .

    • Yes indeed, Lori. What we expose our mind to is what influences our mind. It also involves the company we keep. The more positive we keep our thoughts, the more we attract positive thoughts to us.

  2. Today I choose to be happy! As the late Dr Dyer always said, happiness is a decision. We be happy (truly) and then the stuff comes (what ever we are asking for). In the end we eventually start to realize that the stuff isn’t all that. It was the us finding the ‘real’ treasure at the end of the rainbow. And that real treasure was our ‘real’ self all along. Thank you Carol I love that book…Traveler’s Gift!

    • Me too, Rory. It’s in my top 10 favorite books. So true — it’s not really being positive to attract and manifest, being happy in and of itself becomes the end product we are looking for. And being happy entails connecting with our real self. Thanks Rory.

  3. Happy are we as we go along lifes road. Happy are we to do our life’s work. Happy are we to be coached and lead others to a brighter future.
    Always grateful that we have been chosen to brighten yet anothers day.

  4. I choose to be Happy today, I choose peace, Wisdom, from within, Gratitude for finding this post and I choose to learn. Thank you Caroline. Loved this post. I am one of those people who laugh at seemingly nothing, I tell myself I am a Legend well from this weekend at least 🙂 before that I always said I love and approve of myself 🙂 with a huge smile.

    • You’ve got the “Sauce,” Julie. The right attitude, the right self worth. We are worthy of love, approval, being happy, peaceful, appreciative and laughing. Great feedback…Thanks Julie.

  5. Choosing to be happy is a great way to start each day. It’s a positive mindset that acknowledges to the Infinite Universe that we are grateful to still being here and having the opportunity to make a difference with the day that is in front of us.

    • That is so true — it’s all a choice as to which decisions we make. The decision to be happy brings more happiness. Thanks Adewale.

  6. Determination is a great characteristic to have in order to have success. It works hand i hand with Passion, Persistence, Focus and a huge desire to succeed. Making a Decision to be Happy and succeed is the first step though. Loved this post Carol, I think I have come back twice 🙂

    • So glad you enjoyed the post Sylvia. You certainly nailed other attributes / decisions. I appreciate that you stopped by and shared your thoughts. It always adds to the conversation.

  7. Carol I absolutely LOVE Andy and his books. I’ve read this book and The Noticer and can literally listen to him tell stories all day. Choosing to be happy is a very important step in the 7 decisions. It goes well with the book “The Energy Bus”.

    • I certainly agree with you About Andy Andrews, Matt. Haven’t read The Noticer yet — on the list. And I’ll certainly take a look at The Energy Bus — sounds interesting. Appreciate your coming by and your information.

    • You’re very welcome Olivia. There are days when it helps me to reflect back on this post. If you ever read the book, I think you’ll be amazed at the context in which this chapter was written.

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