Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 1 of 5

Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 1 of 5

Today is the start of a 5-part journey on how to increase your leads on Instagram.


So you’re looking to branch out from the social media platform that you’re using now and have decided on Instagram…


You’re just getting started and have chosen to begin with Instagram.

Whichever … You’re in the right place.

This journey is based on a Free 58-minute Training by the “Queen of Instagram,” April Marie Tucker, who reveals her tips and strategies that have led to her tremendous success on this social media platform. She has gotten over 100 leads per day using her methods which she shares in her training.

These posts will break her recommendations down into simple tweaks that can be implemented each day.




(Click HERE to watch the training video. Today’s recommendations can be seen between 4:30 and 25:40 on her video).


Starting today, Day 1, April Marie tells you why she chose Instagram and what it has done for her business.

What will be covered in today’s post:

* Instagram Set-Up

* Boost your followers immediately.




1. Set-Up

* On Instagram, the first (or introductory page) to you is called the Bio. The bio can be up to 150 characters.

* Cover photo – Instagram is informal. Be sure to begin to brand yourself right from the start. Use a photo of yourself alone where you are identifiable. Do not use a photo of your company or you product.

* Short snippets on what you are about – what you are offering to the community. Begin each line with an emoji.

* (You find your emojis on Android by holding down the search magnifying glass at the bottom. Then hold down the microphone at the bottom of the keyboard. Choose the little smiley face and then scroll up and down or choose different symbols at the bottom to bring you to other options).

* To see how April Marie set up her bio, search for April Marie Tucker on Instagram. This will give you a prototype to follow.


2. Boost your followers quickly

* Go to settings

* Find/Invite friends

* Facebook

* Follow the instructions in the pop-up to authorize Instagram on your Facebook account, if prompted.

* Back to Instagram app – Follow All.


Get yourself set up if you don’t yet have an Instagram account, or make the recommended tweaks and see what a difference it makes in your account.

You’re on your way to increase your leads on Instagram.


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Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 5 of 5



PS. To download your own copy of April Marie’s video, Click HERE.







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  1. April Marie knows what she is on about on Instagram and it does work. I ma glad you are taking on a new platform and your set up sure looks like you have cracked the code and now let the leads flow. Thanks for sharing Carol 🙂

    • Thanks Julie. Yes, I resisted it for a very long time until I found out it’s not a monumental task to learn it. You, my dear, are the Queen of All platforms!!

    • I’m relatively new to Instagram — resisted it for a long time. And then found it’s really not difficult to use. Thanks for your comment Demetri.

  2. Instagram is an amazing medium to generate leads, I am currently using Facebook and debating between tweeter and Instagram next. Love April Marie, she certainly knows all about Instagram.

    • I hear you, Julie. I use primarily FB and started with Twitter — following Adam Chandler’s training. I found myself getting bogged down in Twitter, so I moved to IG. It seems to be an easier platform to use.

    • April Marie certainly knows her stuff — I agree, Julie. And from what she says, Instagram has surely helped her build her business. Thanks for coming by.

  3. Thanks so much for this post. I’m pretty new on Instagram and things I have read are too promotional. I don’t want to market in someone face just not my style. I like to be social. These suggestions are putting me in the direction I want to be in. I’m going over to check each post so I can learn how to use Instagram like I would any other social media platform.

    • So pleased that this post was helpful to you Tarun. Your reaction, as you explain, is much the same experience I had after beginning to follow April Marie and getting started with Instagram. Appreciate your feedback.

    • So true Loetta — April Marie really knows her stuff with Instagram. I find that Instagram is kind of fun to work with. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Wow! Great tips Carol! I can definitely use those things that you mention since I use IG everyday. Social media is a totally a great way to boost and advertised your business. Wonderful share!

  5. Great post ladies!! I’ve been using Instagram for awhile now, but your tips will definitely help me take it to the next level. Just recently “The Queen” started following me…so humbled. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Good — I hope Instagram is working for you. Apparently it is, if “The Queen” is following you! Thanks for your feedback Tony.

    • Thank you Jonna. I found that I enjoy using the platform of Instagram after resisting it for a long time.

  6. I keep hearing a lot of buzz regarding Instagram. One guy claims he made over $200K in profit so far by marketing on it. I guess I better get my butt over there and start applying these principle that you teach Carol!

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