Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 5 of 5

Increase Your Leads On Instagram Part 5 of 5

And here it is — the last part — Part 5 of a 5-part journey on how to increase your leads on Instagram. 


To watch the video, Click Here. (For this post, watch from 52:00 to the end).

In Part 5, we will talk about two tips to make your Instagram easier to manage so it doesn’t become just another time-sucking social media platform.

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1st Tip

Identify your lead magnet at the end of your bio – a free giveaway to whatever you have the offer. Indicate that it is free and post the link right under it.


2nd Tip

Get Targeted Followers Fast

* Use these phrases in your post: Follow4Follow, Follow, Followback. Go to “tags for likes” for other follow hashtags, and eliminate the hashtag. Place these phrases on an otherwise blank image and post.

* We spoke in an earlier post of being reciprocal and following back as well as looking for hashtags in your particular niche. Ask to connect with the people who have hashtags in your niche.

* Print your Instagram account on your business cards.

* Add your user name to photos.

* Use blog widget from Iconosquare to keep people in front of you, back and forth between your blog and Instagram.



This concludes our 5-part series on how to increase your leads on Instagram.

  1. We started with setting up your bio and increasing your followers by inviting your Facebook friends.
  2. Next, we talked about the Iconosquare website and choosing some apps.
  3. We covered content in the 3rd post.
  4. In the 4th post, we discussed increasing following more by interaction and the use of hashtags.
  5. The series was completed with an explanation of the use of a lead magnet and a strategy to attract targeted followers fast.

With April Marie’s tips and strategies, you ought to be able to increase your leads on Instagram.

Have fun with the implementation!


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  1. Such easy to follow steps to get your Instagram growing.
    In fact when I implemented April’s steps I saw My Instagram, Grow faster. Your 5 part series has refreshed my love of this Visual platform so thanks Carol 🙂
    Julie Syl

  2. great post Carol. some great tips on how to use instagram. i find using the right tags and having the right lead magnets have worked a treat for my instagram marketing.

  3. Great post Carol. I haven’t really gotten into Instagram but I want to. This is good information to have. I haven’t read 1-4 yet but I will because it will help me with Instagram Thanks!

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