Not Another List Of Subjects To Blog About!

Not Another List Of Subjects To Blog About!

Yes, this is another list of subjects to blog about.


So many, many times I have heard people say they can’t write a blog.

There seem to be many reasons – I don’t want to put my thoughts and beliefs in public; my friends or family will make fun of what I write; I don’t have a clue what to write about – these are just a few of the “reasons” I hear. (Of course we all know that defending our limitations gets us nowhere).

Let’s move past the BS and start putting ourselves out there and expanding our businesses on the blogging platform.

Not Another List Of Subjects To Blog About!

Why Another List?

If you’re not blogging now, possibly you just have no fresh thoughts at the present, you’ve exhausted other subject lists you’ve seen or you’ve totally ignored them.

Also, there is so much attention being placed on videos and Facebook Lives — and rightly so — that I sense the blog is being treated like a second-class citizen.

Since our blog is the “hub” of our business – the place we can call home – the place where we can inform and promote, doesn’t it make sense to put it to use?

We can always place those videos and Lives on our blog!

Take a look at this short list and see if you resonate with anything on it.




This Is A Short List

Other lists of subjects to blog about that I have seen are Huge and overwhelming. Out of a list of “57 Things To Blog About,” I could find maybe two or three that pertained to my work and my business.

This, on the other hand, is a short list, a rather generic list, and one that you can probably use to get started – or get going again if you stopped dead in your tracks.


Here We Go…

1.  A Book, Article or Website that you have found to be helpful.

Do a review, a summary,  or talk about a chapter or even a paragraph from it. So much information exists in these sources that it’s almost a crime to not share that information with our audience.


I found the next two a little different from other lists I’ve seen.


2.  A Product or Service you have used that you’ve gotten the most out of.

Maybe it was a product you purchased that gave you strategies for doing Facebook Lives or Webinars. Describing it and how it may be of benefit would be interesting to your market.

Perhaps you’ve used an outsourcing service that gave you great results – quickly and reasonably that you could describe and share. People are always looking for ways to get some of their more mundane tasks off their desks.


3.  A Professional you’ve been following who could help other people in the same way (s)he has helped you.

Maybe you were coached by the person and can share some tips. Perhaps it’s someone whose webinars you always get some nuggets from. Or posts or videos that always give you food for thought.



I thought these last two were engaging, especially the fifth one.


4.  What are the 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions that people have about your business in the past?

If you answer them now, before they’re even asked presently, you’re clearly ahead of the game with your audience. It’s possible you will overcome some objections before they’re even stated.

At the same time, you’ll be posting information that your audience is looking for and won’t have to search for any further.


This topic I really liked…..


5.  What are the 3 Questions People Should Ask, but don’t.

If you can anticipate these, you may be able to save your target market a huge headache and appear very intelligent and knowledgeable in the process. Imagine that!

These could be questions they should be asking about a business opportunity they’re thinking of joining, about how to get started in business, about whether they can do this type business. But they don’t know enough yet to ask such questions. This is a great moment for you to educate them before they even ask the question.


For myself, I’ll be using some of these topics in future blogs. Probably the first, second and fifth.

Which ones appeal to you?

You ought to be able to find at least one subject from this list to blog about.




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